2/8/2011: Bone Health-a Holistic Perspective

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. February 8, 2011

Bone Health-a Holistic Perspective


Our bone begins to break down in the 3rd and 4th decade of life; about 30-35 for women and 40-45 for men. Over the years I’ve had a few important recommendations for my patients and I try to follow them myself.


Eat green leafy vegetables. They contain lots of calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and boron, all necessary for bone health. Avoid the foods that promote calcium loss such as coffee, alcohol and excess protein. These promote a negative calcium balance. Avoid colas as the phosphorus used as sequestering agents promote calcium loss in the urine.


There are many supplements on the market and I look for a few things in them, including but not limited to the following:

1.       The calcium should be easy to absorb. Calcium carbonate is the most popular but is not very easily absorbed. Look for calcium citrate, calcium malate or calcium hydroxyapatite, to name a few. Avoid oyster shell calcium for the lead content.

2.      Include sources of vitamin K, B-complex, boron, magnesium and vitamin D. Avoid high a dose of phosphorus as it competes with calcium for absorption in the kidneys. If you absorb phosphorus, you excrete calcium and thereby lose calcium from the body.


Many studies have shown that physical fitness is the major determinant of bone density. Think weight-bearing exercise. For most of you, this will be the key to maintaining strong healthy bone. “Use it or lose it” because it’s the tug on the bone by the muscles being used that stimulates the body to use its calcium, minerals, and vitamins to build the bone instead of excreting them all out through the urine. Walk, bike, lift, pull, push, rake leaves, shovel snow, stand while cooking, walk the dog, walk up the stairs, or begin a light weight program.  I began using light weights in a program that is tailored for my body type so that I do not hurt myself. Our center offers chiropractic and naprapathic consultation to help evaluate you for stretching and strength training without hurting yourself.

Natural medicines

Homeopathic remedies and tissue salts are available to help stimulate your bone in a natural way. We use these similar remedies to help teething babies bring in their teeth easily or help those who sustain boney fractures and need help in healing the fracture.


Both estrogen and progesterone help keep our bones strong. Estrogen helps prevent bone breakdown and progesterone helps make more bone. In our clinic, we make use of saliva testing to assess hormone levels then balance these levels with bio identical hormones.


If you have osteoporosis or simply want to keep your bones strong and healthy, we can help. I am available to help guide you through a nutritional analysis. We have many supplements in the clinic specific for calcium and bone health. Our rehab/exercise team can help you with an evaluation and treatment recommendations.  Our homeopathic practitioners stand ready to prescribe natural remedies for prevention and treatment.

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To your good health

Jerry Gore M.D.

Director and staff physician