35 yr old woman suffers from Asthma, reduces dependency upon inhalers

Avatar photo Staff June 2, 2009

In holistic medicine, a person’s symptom or illness becomes an opportunity to learn. This learning brings a sense of self-awareness leading to self-regulation – fancy words meaning:

“I’m no longer a victim to a disease – now I’m taking control of my health!”

Case History: a 35 year old woman with a diagnosis of asthma presents with shortness of breath, cough, thick mucous production, and fatigue. She uses two inhalers daily. She feels tired, discouraged and helpless, and has a subtle feeling of going in the wrong direction.

Evaluation and Treatment:

(1) She learns to avoid mucous-producing foods (e.g. wheat and dairy)

(2) She uses natural anti-inflammatories like fish oil, and magnesium for its bronchodilator effect.

(3) She uses energy medicine such as homeopathy (see below) and learns a breathing technique that increases her air flow, and decreases her anxiety.

(4) She discovers how emotional conflict in her life over a period of time is affecting her health.

(5) She begins to make life decisions from a place of inner wisdom and truth.


Her breathing and cough improve and she becomes less dependent on traditional inhalers.

Allergy symptoms like sneezing have decreased as a byproduct of the treatment

She feels more in control of her diet, her breathing and her life and manifests a sense of self-directed health and well-being.

How do we do this?

A comprehensive philosophy of medicine.

The body, energy and mind of the individual work together in harmony. A disruption at any level may result in imbalance, disease, confusion or loss of purpose. We will study the symptoms and imbalances on all 4 levels


(1) physical level:

– her diet has a combination of fats, oils and foods that make her symptoms worse

– tests show there may be vitamin and trace deficiencies

(2) energy level:

– her breathing is shallow and emphasizing the wrong muscles.

– a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) exam shows kidney weakness and disharmony between kidney and lung.

– a homeopathic history looks for the asthma symptoms unique to her:

(a) worse in cold air

(b) worse near tobacco smoke

(c) better from walking

(d) better from warmth

(3) mental level:

-a stress assessment reveals some difficulties in her relationships at home and at work. She has few outlets to “express” or work through these conflicts.

(4) spiritual level:

– underneath her poor physical health, imbalanced energy, and stress lies a feeling of disconnection and unfulfillment with her life, a deeper meaning- a sense of rightness is missing.

How will we treat her? See the Wheel of Successful Health below

A treatment plan is then tailored to the individual using natural, safe and easy to use recommendations under the watchful eye of the staff and MDs. We will choose specific tools to honor the uniqueness of this person’s symptoms, with the wheel of successful health being our main reference point.

Our Treatment plan:


(1) Physical level:

– Ayurvedic nutrition recommends less mucous producing foods such as milk, cheese, wheat and bananas.

– Magnesium citrate helps bronchiole tubes relax

– Other vitamins and herbs.

(2) Energy level:

– She is taught a breathing technique called diaphragmatic breathing

– She is given acupuncture and Chinese herbs to strengthen kidney and to balance kidney and lung energy.

– She is given the homeopathic remedy Lobelia three times a day until symptoms are relieved.

(3) Mental level:

– She begins to express her feelings and thoughts in a personal journal. She may begin a counseling relationship to help her become aware and work through difficulty with another compassionate, listening person.

(4) Spiritual level:

– As her physical health and peace of mind improve, she begins to make choices in relationships and lifestyle that reflect a growing sense of inner satisfaction and peace.