5/11/2011: Feed Your Soul Today

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. May 11, 2011

I read in the paper that Oprah was looking into acting because “life is too short”. The sages say that each day is “fashioned”. They mean that life is precious and all of us should mindfully work with our thoughts, speech and actions to create or construct the day purposefully.


Do you ever feel dull and listless or worse, depressed about your day’s activities? Has the creative spark of aliveness been missing? If so, try adding some time doing things that touch your soul and speak to your heart. What are these? It could be something simple as calling your friend or child, or taking a nature walk, or sitting in the sun at lunch. It could be more complex such as changing your work schedule or taking a long weekend or planning a vacation or starting that house project. It doesn’t have to be gratifying as much as deeply satisfying. It scratches a deep heartfelt itch and satisfies an energetic /emotional/ spiritual need. The more you think, say and do things that connect deeply to yourself throughout the day, the more energized and happy you will feel. Some may encounter fear in letting go of the old habits and trying the new. If this happens, find support for this lifestyle from friends, family, or mentors who understand and are living this way.

To your health,

Dr. Jerry