5/4/2011: The Upper Wash

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. May 4, 2011

The Upper Wash


This is a cleansing technique from Yoga designed to remove excess mucous from the stomach and lungs in the morning after awakening on an empty stomach. As we sleep, our respiratory tree is brushing mucous up into our mouths, we swallow it, and it ends up in the stomach. The stomach is said to be the “home” of “Kapha” the mucous principle of the body according to Ayurveda. This technique helps people with mucous related conditions such as asthma, chronic congestion, arthritis, recurrent bronchitis, wet cough etc. We were also taught to do this technique for a few days in a row in the change of seasons to prevent getting sick. This can be done in your bathroom next to the toilet or outside in your back yard.

1.      After awakening, or on an empty stomach, fill a 2-quart container with sea salt (non iodized-1 teaspoon per quart of slightly warm water). Mix it well and dissolve all the salt.

2.      In a squatting position (you can hold onto something) drink as much of the contents in a rapid but gentle fashion as you comfortably can. This takes practice. Go-slow and do under supervision if needed. You don’t have to drink all of it. I do fine with half the container.

3.      When you have that full feeling, lean over the bowl (this is the way I do it) or lean over outside and gently regurgitate the water. This takes practice and will come easily with practice as your muscles learn how to this. This is not purging after eating with food in the stomach, which is traumatic. Remember, this is a cleansing technique designed to rid yourself of the excess mucous.

4.      I end up feeling lighter and energized.

Dare I say “enjoy!”?

To your health,


Dr. Jerry Gore