Are You Absorbing Your Food?

Avatar photo Staff October 15, 2013

I have had many patients sit down and tell me that they eat a lot and don’t put on weight or they eat very little and still gain weight. I have had patients that are actually malnourished but eat a lot! There c…ould be many reasons for this…but I would like to ask this question…are they absorbing their food? The intestines will not function properly for many reasons. The number one problem is inflammation. No surprise there. Even if we try to eat in a healthy way our food supply (water supply too) is tainted: Tainted with insecticide, antibiotics, hormones, and various other toxins…not to mention depletion of nutrients.

When we have issues with digestion they can manifest with diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating..and yes..malabsorbtion. Sometimes our intestinal permeability is compromised over a long period of time of poor eating. When this happens we can manifest leaky gut syndrome or hyper permeability. Larger microbes etc. can “leak” into the bloodstream to organs muscles and create disease and dysfunction. It is vital to keep what is supposed to be inside the GI in and what should be outside the GI out!

There is HELP and HOPE!  I feel there is a natural medical based protocol very specific to normalizing GI function. It involves more than just taking probiotics that we all hear about and being a “fix all” for many problems. That is only PART of the treatment. Without repaired and restored mucosal lining, probiotics do little good. They need that healthy, happy home of the lining to restore balance!

The GI repair /restore is accomplished in three stages :
1 – Inflammation needs to be calmed down. As we know inflammation is at the root of MOST disease and dysfunction.
2 – We need to RESTORE THE MUCOSAL LINING. This step, I believe is the most important. The lining fortifies the barrier and provides a home for the good gut flora to proliferate.
3 – Probiotics – research has shown that we require a dose of probiotics many times more than originally thought for clinical use.

So there you have it…a protocol for a healthy happy and squeaky clean GI!

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