Behold – The Power of a Food Sensitivity Test

Avatar photo Staff June 2, 2009

A lovely woman in her 50’s, an accountant, was working with her headaches and asthma, as well as with occasional high blood pressure and digestive issues. Our clinic began using a blood test for food sensitivities, testing inflammatory mediators such as histamine, serotonin, and prostaglandins. We think that people may be reacting to foods with subtle inflammation without knowing it, unlike with the immediate unpleasant reaction you have with a “food allergy.”

This test measures degrees of inflammation to a variety of foods, such as grains, veggies, fruits, and proteins, as well as to a variety of flavor enhancers (spices) and xenobiotics (dyes, colorings, etc.). We decided to make this blood test, drew her blood, and in 10 days her results came in.

Because she was the kind of person who wanted to take charge of her health, she received her results with great enthusiasm. We discussed the foods that showed the most inflammation – barley, strawberry, peach, bananas, lamb, coffee, blue dye #1, benzoic acid, sodium sulfite – and those that showed intermediate inflammation – squash, lettuce, caffeine, basil, soybean, and many others. She said, “I’m going to do it!” It was not necessary to go off the intermediate ones, but she decided to do it anyway.

After 4 weeks of her modified diet, she returned with the following results.”Dr. Gore, I feel so much better!” My energy has improved. The asthma is so much better that I can play tennis without using the inhaler much. I have had only one headache. I sleep better; the ringing in the ears is gone; and so are the flashes in my vision. I lost a few pounds and people say that the discoloration under my eyes is gone!”