Cheese Anyone?

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. September 22, 2014


Cheese anyone?

I was talking to Dr Bisceglie this week and we began discussing cheese. I showed him several allergy tests from patients and almost all had some allergy to dairy. I believe its the milk protein casein that is responsible. Unfortunately, cheese is high in casein, where butter is low and Ghee(clarified butter) is even lower and therefore less likely to cause problems.
Consider raw, grass fed, organic or unpasteurized cheeses.
Here is a quote from Sally Fallon in her book Nourishing Traditions.

“Processed cheeses contain emulsifiers, extenders, phosphates and hydrogenate oils….last but not least, pasteurization destroys all the enzymes in milk…these enzymes help the body assimilate all the bodybuilding factors including calcium.”

Some have had success with goat milk products. Others have success with yogurt which is a fermented product which might change the allergenicity (is that a real word?) Still others, boil the milk which breaks down the proteins.
Good luck dairy people:
Dr Gore