Congress, Community and Blessings; a Lesson here?

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. October 9, 2013

The House of Representatives is fighting with the Senate. They each have a different idea about how things should go. Why does it seem so difficult to work things out? What can we learn from this? Yoga philosophy describes the 3rd chakra, the area of the abdomen, as concerned with worldly issues. The psychological conflict of this 3rd chakra is the challenge of transforming competition into co-operation.  How do opposing sides with different ideas work together? If competition is the predominating style, someone wins and someone loses. The higher path is co-operation. When two sides co-operate, they create a solution whereby both sides win. The traditions say that when members of a community work as a team co-operating with each other, blessings come down from above.  Even if that community is working for something not so good, they are often rewarded because there is so much power for blessing where people are friendly, cooperative, loving and working together. Working together in harmony and peace seems to have much power in accomplishing a goal. As we watch congress, I believe this is the lesson right now.

Ask yourself, are we working as a team in my family, my job, my friendships and my spiritual community? Are we creating peace, harmony and fellowship in the pockets of our lives?

Make that call to your loved one that you’ve been holding back. Change your attitude a bit about the other side of that negotiation. Say, “I’m sorry” and reestablish that connection between you and your partner, friend, or family member. Build community at work. After all, aren’t we all connected?

Be well

Dr Jerry Gore MD