Do Anti-Depressants work for anxiety ? What is the Alternative?

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. April 20, 2015

“The effectiveness of second-generation anti-depressants to treat anxiety disorders has been over-estimated, according to a recent study in the online JAMA Psychiatry. In some cases, researchers warned, the drugs may be no more significantly useful than placebo.”
Anti-depressants are traditionally used for their anti-anxiety effect besides their anti-depressant action and I believe they do work for the correct individual.

At the Center of Holistic Medicine, we are able to offer natural alternatives such as inositol, and a combination of amino acids such as- L-theonine, 5-http and taurine. Other herbs such as Kava Kava and Passion flower and Valerian root may help. I find that supporting the adrenals with “adaptogens”, vitamins and minerals such as Ashwaganda, b- complex and magnesium help the “tired and wired” symptoms. Energy medicine offers many choices such as flower essences and homeopathic remedies. The most common and well known flower essence for “trauma” and constant anxiety is “Rescue Remedy” and very often we can find the correct “constitutional” homeopathic remedy to help bring a deeper relief from chronic anxiety.

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On another note, I am looking forward to share information from my upcoming book entitled Holistic Medicine, so say tuned and be well,

Jerry Gore MD