Health Conditions to Be on the Alert for During Spring

Avatar photo Staff April 5, 2018
spring allergies

As Chicago winter melts away, spring brings with it a variety of medical concerns to be alert to.

The flu, Influenza A, may spike toward the end of its infectious season. Vaccination efforts have ended, but we must be aware of high fever, severe muscle aches, malaise, and cold symptoms as possible symptoms of the flu.
Allergies start to cause trouble leading to the itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Those with respiratory conditions need to be alert as complications and flare-ups may occur. Watch if your use of inhalers increases or you start to have a cough.
Spring holidays bring family gatherings and eating binges. Higher salt foods can make the high blood pressure patients and heart patients more susceptible to trouble. Watch for uncontrolled symptoms of breathing, leg swelling, and chest pain and higher blood pressure readings.
Longer sunny days bring out emotional instability with those suffering with bipolar disease and depression. Heightened irritability, decreased need for sleep, and overactive busy minds may be a sign of worsening mental health.
Enjoy spring but always be alert to your own well being and call your doctor if you have any concerns and changes in your condition.