Introducing Our New Patient Advocate Program

Avatar photo Staff January 24, 2018
patient advocate

Starting this year, we are pleased to announce that every patient at the Center for Holistic Medicine will get his or her very own patient advocate!

What is a patient advocate? Very simply, it is a consistent person who is assigned to you to make sure all of your questions are answered and you have the very best customer service.

  • Do you have questions about how to set up your lab samples?
  • Interested in getting more information about the supplements you were told to take?
  • Forgot the notes about how to take your supplements?
  • Need to set up an appointment?
  • Looking for options for payments, or need an explanation of services?

A patient advocate can help you with all of the above.

We understand that getting various lab tests, ordering supplements and dealing with several different providers at the same time can be confusing. That’s why our patient advocates are here to help.

You will be assigned one of two patient advocates — Brisa, a certified nursing assistant; or Tanya, a certified medical assistant. Both are dedicated to providing you with the information you need.

The next time you call or come into the Center, you will learn who your PA is (or just ask). We hope this helps you have an even better experience!

To talk to one of our patient advocates, call 847.236.1701 or email (not HIPPA secure).

Brisa Gomez
Brisa G.
Tanya Guevara
Tanya G.