Introducing Our Online Apothecary Store

Avatar photo Staff March 8, 2018
online apothecary store

As a patient, or potential patient, at the Center for Holistic Medicine, you know your progress depends on a lifestyle aligned with your medical treatment. Our online apothecary store gives you access to the supplements your providers select specifically for you.

You can also order other supplements you may take, along with many products that enhance your lifestyle. However, when you see something you’d like to order that your doctor hasn’t ordered, be sure to check in with your Patient Advocate to make sure it does not interact with your medications or remedies.

To order a product through our online apothecary, all you need to do is click on one of the five different vendors that we work with. Once you register through their site, you can then search for the manufacturer of whatever product you need and you can have all of your items delivered right to your door!

In addition to supplements available in our office store, the online apothecary store also has personal products and many other medical-quality supplements available. Take some time and look through!