Let’s Talk About Hormones!

Avatar photo Staff October 20, 2022
Late sun streams through the grove of Oak trees with a distant red Japanese Maple tree.

Heading into Winter can feel bleak. We are getting less sunlight, and perhaps less exercise, than we have been accustomed to during warmer months.

The cycles of seasons may also be mirrored in our own hormonal cycles, as suggested by data studied by The Weizmann Institute of Science (as reported on in Scientific American).

Have you talked to your doctor about hormones?

Dr. Kelsie Lazzell
Dr. Kelsie Lazzell, DC
Naturopathic Practitioner, Chiropractic Physician

Hormone imbalance can be the driving force of many issues in the body. From brain fog and poor stress handling to physical aches and pains in the body, balancing your hormones can help resolve these issues and prevent them from occurring in the future.

Hormone balancing can be done through multiple ways, such as direct testing and supplementation or medication, stress support and cortisol balancing, as well as releasing physical muscle restrictions that could be inhibiting proper lymphatic drainage and thus detoxification of those hormones. 

Allison Musso
Allison Musso, ND
Naturopathic Practitioner

Homeopathy is a great support for issues which may be due to hormone imbalances such as mood, fatigue, stress response and mental overwhelm. It can also support symptoms linked to blood sugar disturbance, neurotransmitter depletion and hormonal shifts in women seen in menopause, postpartum mothers, puberty and post birth control.

Homeopathy has the ability to enhance and energize the vital life force of the body which can help to overcome stressors, including those due to hormonal dysregulation.

Hormones! Where to begin? Let’s start with exercise. You’ve heard of runners high, well you don’t have to be a runner to increase endorphins. Endorphins relieve stress and pain. Serotonin gives you a feeling of happiness and restfulness. The more serotonin you have in your body the more energetic you are, and you are able to think more clearly. Dopamine levels are increased with exercise which decreases STRESS and even depression. Then there’s your adrenals, when you suffer from adrenal fatigue, which is a stress related condition that result in exhaustion, weakened immunity, sleep disturbances and food cravings.

So, one way to balance your hormones is through exercise. However, if you’re in physical pain, such as low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, suffering from migraines / headaches etc. How can you exercise?

Naprapathy is a gentle approach to proper spinal alignment, by freeing up impinged nerves, thereby increasing blood circulation to the muscles and connective tissues, which increases oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.

If you feel stressed, or you are dealing with depression, consider energy medicine, aura cleansing and chakra balancing.

How do we test for a hormone imbalance?

Saliva testing is a non-invasive collection method used to measure hormones like cortisol, estrogens, progesterone, and androgens.

ZRT Laboratory is one of the first labs to measure hormones in saliva, and helped establish this as a viable method for health care providers and patients around the globe.

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We are perhaps most familiar with hormonal changes affecting early teens and young adults but hormonal imbalances can impact people of all ages. Everyone feels a bit off balance at times, and in some cases it may be from a hormonal imbalance. Our team at the Center for Holistic Medicine is here to work with you to create a custom, holistic treatment plan that can help you balance your hormones.

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