Myofascial Release Miracles

Avatar photo Staff November 30, 2009



A testimonial.  “I came to Joe for relief of chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I had tried many things for help:  I tried physical therapy under the treatment of a physiologist only to have the pain return after treatment ended.  I tried massage therapy that allowed temporary relief of symptoms that always returned, sometimes within the week. 

It was only after Joe treated my son that I thought Myofascial release could help me.   It was very clear from our first meeting that this was going to be a different experience.  Joe spent a lot of time listening with intensity and understanding of my personal trauma that I have never before experienced from any other human being – practitioner or lay person.  The way he explained with utmost clarity how the trauma was unfinished and remained in my body causing the pain was totally fascinating to me and nothing anyone had ever thought of to try to help.  While he made no promises, it all totally made sense.  The depth of his knowledge and the totally informed answers were incredibly reassuring to me.  He not only thoroughly knew his craft, but his extensive knowledge of the systems of the human body was incredible.


After the first session with Joe I experienced physical as well as emotional release for the next two days.  Lucky for me, Joe was available by phone to help me through this time.  This, after spending an extra hour helping me in his office without charging me for his extra time.  I find his level of commitment to the patient’s healing overwhelmingly sincere and altruistic.  He is totally and selflessly motivated to helping his patients.


In a mere matter of a month, my chronic neck and shoulder pain that had been interrupting my daily life for over 9 years was completely gone.   It was so astounding to me that he could accomplish quite clearly and simply what the western medical community could not.  That he could figure out the root cause of the pain and work seemingly with little effort at understanding it and helping me work through it is nothing short of amazing.   


Thanks to Joe for helping my first born  

 My 9 year old son was born with a birth defect that required multiple corrective surgeries, ongoing medical treatment and a steady flow of pharmaceuticals to maintain health.  I brought him to Dr. Gore’s office to see how the multitude of specialists might be able to improve his health and his life situation.  It was under these circumstances that we met Joe.  He was charged with the task of helping my son work through the trauma of over 14 surgeries and promoting good health and well being.  A large task indeed!


My son has received excellent medical care from specialists in western medicine, for which I am truly grateful.  In fact, my son would not be alive today if not for the swift, highly professional and specialized care he has received in his 9 years.  However, I believed that he needed more than the medical community could offer him.  For instance, after an occurrence when my son was in extreme pain, his specialist told me there was no way to relieve the pain if it should occur again.  This was not an acceptable answer for me as would be true of any mother watching her child scream in pain. 


The solutions for his rare medical condition were limited at best.  In addition, he was having minor symptoms as a result of this early trauma in his life that were not issues that the specialists could attend too, nor did they seem to be of any importance to them.  These symptoms did however have significant impact on our daily lives – stomach aches, problems concentrating in school, lack of ability to handle his responsibilities.  I just knew there had to be better answers then I was getting from these highly trained specialists. 


Joe had incredible empathy and an innate understanding of my son and his circumstances.  Joe spoke to my son in such an incredibly respectful and understanding way and instantly made my son at ease and completely comfortable with this new and somewhat unorthodox procedure.  While my son never complained about all the medical procedures he had to endure, there was something special about coming to see Joe.  My son actually gave a holler of joy every time I told him we were going.  Not only did Joe respect him and everything he had to say, he actually looked him straight in the eyes and told him how incredibly he was handling his unique physical situation.  He even told him how special he was to have been given this challenge.  What an amazing gift of words for a 9 year old boy and how fortunate I am as a mother to be able to give that gift to my son. 


The way Joe interacted with my son helped me to see my own son in a new way, with a new light shining on him and his situation.  Joe has given us the incredible gift of health, well being, support and incredible words.  I feel by bringing my son to Joe that I am giving my son a gift of new ways to think of himself, new ways to live a full and healthy life, and a new friend that understands and respects him. 


Joe’s skills are not just limited to physical treatment.  While he is working his magic with his hands, he often gives helpful advice on dealing with life, friends, siblings, and homework.  You just can’t buy better health care than that with your insurance dollars.  And, I know for a fact that western medicine cannot help in this way either. 


While there are many professional people in Dr. Gore’s office that have helped and respected my son, Joe has an incredibly special way of relating to him that goes far beyond the physical help of his hands and Myofascial release.  It is like getting a complete tune up every time we see Joe.  My son and I always walk out of there feeling emotionally rejuvenated, able to handle all that comes our way, able to get on with our next tasks knowing that it is all going to be OK. 

Thanks to Joe!”


by M. H.