One Mother’s Story

Avatar photo Staff August 26, 2016
I know all about children with these sensitivities, as my son is one of them. Physically children are a blank slate. They hardly have muscle tone, their brains are still developing and their skin is softer than just about anything.
But at around 3 months, my son started to develop an itchy, red rash on most parts of his body. (Click to read more) this will all go to click thru page. As a new mom I knew absolutely nothing as to why this was happening. I started down the path of trying to find anything that would return him to his original angelic state.
First, my family pediatrician offered steroid cream for the itching.   Steroids for my 3 month old? This counn’t be!  The cream did  temporarily reduced inflammation it never solved the problem, and the rashes returned.  Other side effects of this rash became apparent, as my son was never a good sleeper due to his constant itching.
I set out to find answers myself; I researched and asked questions. I tried different topical creams that were all natural and lotions (tons and tons of lotions).
Along the way I had heard about testing for IGG allergies. What were these? I have never had allergies in my family, minor at best.
I was told they were non antigen/antibody reactions within the body to “foreign substances”. The IgG allergies could produce many symptoms including, fatigue, migraines, digestive issues, and eczema and many others.  It is hard to diagnose as it is unique to any one person at any one given time. And the reaction can be up to 72 hours after ingestion.
I couldn’t wait to learn more. I started trying food elimination techniques with my son. Could it be wheat? (At that I time breastfed) So I eliminated wheat. There were no significant changes in his skin. I tried many other things including dairy. After about a month of eliminating dairy I finally saw changes in his skin. The inflammation was down and there was less itching. Throughout his three years of life we have continued on this pattern.
Whether you are a mom, or this is something you are personally experiencing, I invite you to help your children and your family The professionals at the Center for Holistic Medicine have worked with many patients to address the cause of these symptoms.
Lisa Stienstra