Avatar photo Staff September 21, 2012

A Recent study from Stanford University claims that Organic foods are no more nutritious for you than non-organic.  This is how the study has blitzed the media with incomplete reporting.  When truth be told, non-organic foods contain far more pesticides and carry anti-biotic resistant bacteria than do organic foods.  Even on further examination this study is a review of the literature. Who funded those original research articles, and who is behind the indirect funding of the Stanford study?  Again, there are some alarming concerns when you consider that many of the original studies were funded by the chemical industry and that the Stanford group may be influenced by Monsanto’s efforts to block an important proposition in California which concerns GMO foods and would impact the organic food industry.  HMMMM. Consider that many “nutrients” are the colorful constituents in foods that may have more impact than the vitamins and minerals these many studies have examined.  Let there be light – light found in the rainbow of colors so vibrantly displayed in organic foods! Here’s a link to a news article discussing the research.  Consider making an appointment to discuss your nutrient choices!  Julie Martin, ND, FABNO 847-236-1701