Raising Healthy Children

Avatar photo Staff January 1, 2011

We all want our children to grow up healthy but often  wonder exactly how to implement healthy habits for our children.

First, we need to understand that being healthy encompasses the body, mind and the spirit. When we nourish each of these areas, we create a complete and healthy person.

Jerry Gore, M.D. has put        together a program that can be customized for each unique,  individual child, to enable     parents to raise a healthy child and thereby avoid many illnesses such as ADD, allergies, asthma, ear and respiratory, eczema, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, teen, and emotional issues.


  • Licensed and experienced professionals
  • Tools and strategies
  • Nutrition and healthy weight
  • Exercise
  • Natural medication for your child’s constitution
  • Focused mind training
  • Healthy philosophy for children
  • Parental strategy for success


Armed with our program for health and emotional stability, we help your child develop his/her unique sense of self in preparation for being launched into today’s world.