Kenji Aoki, LAc, Dipl, ChH
Acupuncture, NAET

Kenji’s training began at a young age in Japan, with his own acupuncturist, after he and his mother benefited from acupuncture.

His formal training took place before, during and after academic studies at the University of Chicago. Traveling in Italy, Germany and Japan, he studied under Tetsuji Kondo and other masters. Here in Chicago, he co-founded The Zen Meditation Student Club of the University of Chicago — “MuShoDoJo”(No Holiness) — under the guidance of the late Prof. Masao Abe, Zen Philosopher, visiting from Kyoto.

He specializes in balancing the body's various systems, meridian therapy and fertility and pain management.

Kenji has practiced over 30 years, acquiring the highest level of certification, Diplomate of both Chinese Herbal Medicine and Oriental Medicine.