Sujatha Mannal, BHMS
Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition

Sujatha is highly trained in homeopathic medicine, with a degree from The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College, the oldest and most established school in the world. This included five years of education covering traditional medicine including anatomy, physiology, gynecology, surgery, nutrition, mental health, etc., with a two-year rotating residency program.

Her education continued with additional training in the US, Germany and India in both homeopathy and Ayurveda. Sujatha has been in the Chicago area since 1991, both in private practice and with Whole Health Chicago.

Sujatha joined the Center in 2017 and sees children and adults. Homeopathy supports health in a similar manner to allergy shots. A minute amount of a natural remedy, selected for compatibility with the individual, is taken orally, and the body responds by modifying its hormones or immune functions. Her practice includes homeopathy and nutrition. She also incorporates some Ayurvedic approach and supplements in the treatment where indicated.

BHMS, The Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College

Rotations through surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine at various hospitals in India