Statins: Please Caution Your Loved Ones

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. May 17, 2013
Last weekend, I heard Dr. Brownstein speak about the problems with trying to lower cholesterol with statins.  He gave us information that showed very little benefit to these drugs along with a long side effect profile.  He stated that in one study, despite good looking claims for the drug (Lipitor), the actual ‘absolute risk reduction’ was 1%.  You read that right.  One percent!  What does this mean?  Compare the 2 groups.  If a group of 100 people took nothing and 3 people died in that group, and in the second group taking statins, 2 people died, the ‘absolute risk reduction’ was 1% (not the ‘relative’ risk reduction’ of 36% as advertised).  This means that 99 people would have to take it so one wouldn’t die!  Also, he listed a side affect profile that included 42 symptoms and conditions including muscle pain, memory loss, weight gain, co-q 10 deficiency etc.  Today’s Chicago Tribune stated “While 15 million Americans take statin drugs, according to IMS Health, 10 to 20 percent of people can’t tolerate statins and stop them”.  After this seminar, I begged my own mother (age 91) to stop hers and suggested that maybe her miscellaneous aches, pains and fatigue might improve.  Coincidently, my bell rang yesterday and there she was – saying “I just walked over (one mile!) to say hello!”  She had not done that in years.  Caution your loved ones and consult your doctor as these blogs are intended for educational purposes only.

Best of health,
Jerry Gore MD