The Surprising Way ARP Wave Therapy Heals Injuries Faster

Avatar photo Staff September 14, 2017

If you’ve ever suffered a serious long-term injury, you know that your natural response is to focus on the area of pain. That seems obvious. But what if the injury is a result of damaged cells in a different area of your body? And what if zeroing in on pre-existing disruptions, or “hot spots,” could reduce recovery time by as much as half?

Dr. Robert Priebe uses Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) technology in his chiropractic practice to detect and treat injuries or chronic pain in a surprising way. Rather than approaching injuries as physical breakdowns, ARP Wave technology treats them as electrical failures. And often the areas of breakdown are discovered away from the place of discomfort.

One patient described this seeming disconnect on the ARP Wave website. He writes, “My pain was in the hip joint, but that was only the area of symptom. The true culprit was from several areas in my upper legs and buttocks where there was years of built up scar tissue. In layman’s terms, ARP Wave Neuro Therapy successfully blasted the scar tissue, allowing good blood flow, thus giving my body the ability to heal itself!”

According to Dr. Priebe, ARP Wave therapy is unique in that it’s always done while moving. The first four visits are called “search and destroy.” The machine—which is about the size of a toaster—locates soft tissue areas that are malfunctioning. As the patient does a type of movement that has been bothering him, the machine delivers rapid fire impulses to the muscles through electrical stimulation pads, dispersing or reducing negative functions in damaged cells.

Initially, patients can be afraid to move in the way that’s been causing pain.

“Patients have to understand that they’ll have to fight to regain what their bodies have lost over time,” Dr. Priebe says. “It can work very quickly, but can be intense.”

The treatment, which lasts approximately 15 minutes, causes a strong “pins-and-needles” sensation. The second phase of the treatment is strength building, and phase three is the neurological retraining phrase.

It’s an approach that was developed in the late 1990s by an exercise physiologist named Denis Thompson and became popular with injured athletes who were under pressure to get back in the game.

Pro football players Brandon Marshall, Dwight Feeney, and Jay Cutler have been high-profile advocates of ARP technology, but its use is not limited to athletic injuries. Dr. Priebe uses the FDA-approved ARP Wave machine for detection, recovery, and strengthening the connection between the muscles and the nervous system in patients with many different types of injuries. It’s an excellent option for pinpointing the root of a problem and quickly achieving movement without pain.

“Even after day one you can expect 25 percent improvement, plus improvement in symptoms,” Dr. Priebe says.

He offers a free demo to give a snapshot of what patients will feel during a treatment.

4 thoughts on “The Surprising Way ARP Wave Therapy Heals Injuries Faster”

  1. Sounds like a glorified T.E.N.S. unit ?????? I would like to see more about this in that “free demo” you mentioned. Thanks.

    1. Hi Doreen,

      Please call us at 847-236-1701—and ask Brisa or Tanya for a free demonstration of the ARPwave with Dr. Priebe. It does sound a bit like a TENS unit, in that it uses a current, but its actually quite different. The ARPwave uses a current at a frequency that accelerates your bodies healing, and reduces inflamation that causes pain. Its main use is in healing. A TENS unit also uses a current, but at a frequency which is the opposite to that of the pain messages, basicly blocking them. It does not accelerate healing. I would love to hear your thoughts on it after a session!
      Susan Rosecrans, Director

  2. Very interesting. Is this treatment covered by Medicare? If not, how much would a treatment cost?

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