A wonderful, intelligent, great listener who has not only helped me to improve my GI symptoms but helped me see that what I put in my mouth affects how I feel.

I’ll begin this review by stating this medical practice is unlike any I’ve seen in 48 years. And that’s a great thing! I was in need of getting to the bottom of some GI issues that have plagued me for decades. Fed up with the average internal medicine, gastroenterologist, name your specialty, diagnosing and writing a script and gambling to see if the situation improves, I’d heard wonderful things about CHM.

I made an appointment quite easily, and I had presented to me several different types of specialists to chose from. Internal medicine, functional medicine (an amazing field of medicine in my opinion), naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncture and more. I chose functional medicine.

My functional medicine practitioner not only helped me to improve my GI symptoms but also suggested ways that what I put into my mouth to eat (too much) affects how I feel. In 60 days I’ve not only lost 30 lbs. but learned to cook all organic, natural real foods — that are actually good! And that’s a small part of their functional medicine practice.

Anyone that has pains, GI issues, fatigue — the Center will have someone with the experience or knowledge to assist. The front office staff helps me with the myriad of tests that I needed to take off-site. And they are always pleasant. Can’t say enough good about this facility. Try it. Free classes relative to health and wellbeing also are done frequently.