Testing Our Spiritual Reflexes

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. January 3, 2011

The economy and the news have created quite a stir in all of our lives this past year.

I have spoken to so many people who are stressed and unhappy. My own life and the life of our center have been greatly affected. Given all our training, experience and aspirations, how are we to approach a time like this. How are we to view these seemingly random events that affect so many of us and our loved ones?


Think of it this way. You go to the doctor and he or she takes out the little hammer and taps on you knee. Why? Because the doctor is testing you reflex. Is everything connected properly? Is there life in that nervous system? Do your limbs move in response to the tap in the right place? Is everything in order?


Now think of it this way. Spirit comes along and brings these challenges into our personal and collective lives. How do we respond? Are we helpless victims, depressed, hopeless, confused, unsupported, overwhelmed, lost and looking for someone to blame or do we react with ingenuity, determination, support, love, creativity and a sense of faith.


Here come the challenges and how do we react. What do we do and say? What comes out of us? Now is the time that we find out what is really important to us –what makes us tick so to speak. Who do we really love and care about and how do we support them. What are our real values? What really fulfills us and gives our lives a sense of purpose and meaning? What are we willing to do to help our purpose in life and those we are close to? Now is the time my friends. It’s time to choose the marriage over the job, the children over TV, family intimacy over meaningless distractions, good health habits over quick fixes, work that fulfills and develops your potential over a stagnant or rotting situation.


These days of winter when the external light is dimming and the external entrapments of our lives are being taken away from us look inside as your internal light reveals itself. Your unique soul is crying for expression, longing to love, give, serve, develop, connect and fulfill its reason for being alive. Make that call, send that letter, take that walk, keep that resolution, give that hug, utter that prayer, and   let us respond to this time of challenge and change with our spiritual reflexes intact.


To your good health


Jerry Gore, MD