The End of Antibiotics?

Dr. Jerry Gore Jerry Gore, M.D. August 5, 2016

End of Antibiotics?

Recently, in the Chicago Tribune, an article ran the headline “slow catastrophe”as golden age of antibiotics nears end”

They stated that “disease-causing microbes have evolved to resist even the most potent meds.” In the article, they postulated that as as medications lose their effectiveness against organisms that build resistance to them, certain diseases may be difficult to treat if not untreatable! In holistic medicine, we are oriented differently. We try to increase the patients ability to use their own immune system against the invading organism. Instead of killing the bug with a drug, we allow the person to augment their immune response and they heal from within. How do we do this? We use nutrition, supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture and other modalities to promote the healing process. Ideally, the person ends up healing himself/herself and ends up stronger because of the their personal medical challenge.
Here is a quote from the newly published book “Holistic Medicine”
“If you have an infection, are given an antibiotic, it may kill the germ, but how have you changed? The symptoms of fever or pain may be gone, but has your immune system strengthened or weakened? In holistic medicine, the nutrition, energy medicine etc. strengthen your immunity, and then something miraculous takes place. Your immune system “kicks out” the bug, virus or heals the inflammation. The healing power is in you!” For more on my book click on the link below.

Best of health

Dr Gore