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Jerry Gore, M.D.

Are you looking to reduce the serious diseases of our time with less costly, natural, and deeply healing methods?

Are you looking to reduce your use of medications and medical procedures and replace them with self empowering, natural techniques, education and natural remedies?

Are you looking for a sense of wellness, and health that you remember as a birthright?

Are you looking for a way to raise healthy, mentally focused children with strong immune systems who become less reliant on antibiotics and stimulant medication?

Hi,  I’m Jerry Gore MD, and I want to personally welcome you to the Center that  I and my wife Carol have created and nurtured because we desired the above for ourselves and our children.

I practice general medicine and holistic psychiatry. I use nutrition, supplements, homeopathic remedies, stress reduction techniques, counseling and draw on knowledge of Ayurveda, wisdom from the East to promote physical health, peace of mind, and clarity of consciousness in all my patients.

I treat everyone from little children with earaches, women in menopause, men with prostate issues people in pain, to those presenting with ADHD, anxiety, depression (see our brochure)I have programs for wellness, and  ageing gracefully, as well as prevention and treatment  for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I bring stress reduction workshops to our corporate neighbors, as well as lecturing in our community on a variety of topics ranging from a dietary discussion about good and bad fats to an introductory course on meditation.

How do I do all this?  With a little help from my friends. I am blessed to have experienced practitioners trained in Chiropractic, Napraprapathy, and Acupuncture. We have a board certified Nutritionist, a board certified Internist, a graduate of homeopathic medical school, a Feldenkrais practitioner, and a Massage and Shiatsu therapist. We have Yoga classes and a Weight Loss/Physical therapy/training, program.

Give us the chance and we will bring you there!


Jerry Gore, M.D., Director